Essential Blessing

Mixed emotions this week as I remember it’s been 3 years since starting my journey with Young Living. First they were happy tears. Than for a brief moment I let those old feelings creep in. My sister-in-law said it best–“What did we ever do without them?!”
Really, what did we do?
I shudder at the thought of how different my family’s life would be if I hadn’t said YES!
Would we still be spending countless hours nursing illness? Neck deep in medical debt? Little sleep? Unhappy and tired parents? A struggling son? Unhappy in our jobs? Would we even have our beautiful and perfect Ford? 😭😭😭Would we have been able to keep up that amount of negativity? Would we even be married? It is truly terrifying to think we could still be there. 😭
I hate to play the what if game, but sometimes you have to revisit the bad to understand the depth or magnitude of the blessing. YL has changed my life. God put this in my path for a purpose. I would not be where I am or more importantly who I am today without this. Thank you Kelly Lyro for introducing me and not being afraid to share your stories and passion for something different. This ‘different’ way of living has spread to nearly 3,000 people. Is that crazy or what? And that’s just our group. I couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing team of people that have also shared their stories of trials and triumph. And don’t ever stop sharing! I love you all. You are doing life changing work. Work you should be so proud of. I know I couldn’t be prouder of you all. I am blessed beyond measure to have met and work with some of the best people. Caring and genuine with a like-minded purpose–to help others live with health, wellness, & abundance. The opportunity that is Young Living goes far beyond a bottle of oil. When something works and it changes a life, you can’t help but share. I look forward to the many others it will bring into my life and watch theirs be changed as well. Thank God I said YES!! 😍 🙏🏼#lifechangers #youngliving #oiliversary #sayyes 💧💚🌱🙌🏼

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