Speak My Love Language

  Love. The universal thing we can all agree upon. We all want it. What’s perhaps more important than wanting it though, is how we give it and how we receive it. It seems we keep asking the questions why so much hate, divorce, anger, hurt, & resentment? The answer may actually be quite simple. […]

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Essential Blessing

Mixed emotions this week as I remember it’s been 3 years since starting my journey with Young Living. First they were happy tears. Than for a brief moment I let those old feelings creep in. My sister-in-law said it best–“What did we ever do without them?!” Really, what did we do? I shudder at the […]

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Say yes!

I sometimes have a moment that slaps me straight in the face with gratitude. This is one of them. No I’m not showing off or trying to make anyone feel guilty about absolutely anything. This is not a breastfeeding vs formula feeding or SAHM vs working mom post. Lord knows we have enough of that […]

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The Middle

To my second born, 💙💙 I know being the monkey in the middle is not always easy. Sometimes you may feel overlooked or misplaced. I know you must because I see it written on your face. And I know your many faces. I’ve been studying them since you were placed in my arms. I know when […]

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5 Things I Learned

I recently took a short FB vacation. These are the top 5 things I learned– 5. It was much needed & long overdue. When you’re a SAHM AND a home-based business owner, that runs much of it through social media pages etc, it is very easy to fall down the rabbit hole and never get out. […]

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